Studying in Wittenberg

Colleges and universities establish their study abroad programs, determining what courses their own professors will teach, what course work will need to be supplemented by local lecturers and instructors (history, theology, language, culture, etc.) and by hands-on-learning experiences available in Wittenberg and nearby cities. Colleges and universities also determine how credits will be awarded to students, how fees are paid, how long the program will run, and how many students can participate. Colleg Wittenberg will provide colleges and universities the opportunity to cooperate on study abroad programs, perhaps even sharing resources, so as to make these unique learning experiences possible for more students.

Playing in Wittenberg

Yes, students can have fun, too! We believe that overseas study can and should also be fun. Wittenberg offers many activities for students and professors. Besides annual highlights like the town festival “Luther’s Wedding,” the Pottery Market, the Wittenberg Cultural Summer with unique concerts and theatre productions, the Renaissance Festival on Reformation day and the Christmas Market, there are many possibilities for year-round participation in culture, arts and entertainment.

If you want to study - go to Wittenberg ...
"If you want to study - go to Wittenberg ..."
(from a 16th century ad)